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Midwest Shows up for Speedball

What happens when the Midwest gets a chance to prove that they want to play local and win national? They show up to get it done! On January 28th, over 150 players converged on Paintball Explosion's massive indoor field, just outside Chicago, to participate in an official demonstration of the NPL's new Speedball game. After a brief walk through of game play rules by the league Commissioner, Midwest players got on the speedball grind until late into the night alongside league representatives. "With over a hundred players and spectators cheering and coaching each point," commented the Commissioner, "the atmosphere was electric! The Midwest really knows how to get the most out of speedball."

Along with game play demonstrations, Regional Directors from The Paintball Park at Pekin, Illinois, The Siege Paintball of Mukwanago, Wisconsin, and Paintball Explosion were on hand for anyone interested in playing, coaching, or refereeing in the NPL.

The NPL would like to thank Paintball Explosion for hosting this very successful event. Thank you to all the Regional Directors for being available on site. Thank you to all the players for coming out and showing the National Paintball League that the Midwest will showcase exciting and action packed league play all season.

If you want to play in the National Paintball League, contact your Regional field for more information. Don't have a Regional field nearby? Tell your local field owner that you want them to contact the NPL about becoming a regional field.




Regional Demo days.

As regions prepare for the inaugural season the league has arranged for live demonstrations at participating fields.  Come learn live flag speedball through a day of league official coordinated play.  This is also your opportunity to get to know your regional director and league officials.  Questions, concerns, or just want to try live flag speedball?  Come out and play at your local National Paintball League regional field.  

January 28th Pb Explosion Chicago, IL
February 11/12th Paintball Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii
February 11th Red Dot Paintball Tri-Cities, Washington
February 25/26th Kohn Paintball Tampa, Florida
March 4th Paintball Knights San Antonio, Texas
March 10th Dry Bones Hyndman, PA

Don’t have a National Paintball League regional field nearby?  Ask your local field owner to contact the NPL.

Coaches Wanted

Are you good with groups?  Do you like developing winning teams?  Do you enjoy the strategy and challenge that comes with coaching?  Would you like to play a significant role in the support of local and national competition?  Do you want to bring national recognition to your own home town?

Then coaching with the National Paintball League may be for you.  Contact your local National Paintball League regional field and let them know that you would like to be an NPL coach.  Coaching opportunities are available now.

Your Combine Approaches

Want to play in the National Paintball League?  Want to know how you compare to other players in your region?  In the nation?  The National Paintball League Combine is your doorway to all of this and more.  Regional fields are scheduling their combines right now so make sure you check with them for the date and time.  All players who want to compete in the National Paintball League are required to complete a combine.  Come test your physical and mental skills.  Coaches will be watching.

All combine tests are standardized across the nation and will be administered by league officials.  If you are unable to attend your local combine or do not have a National Paintball League regional field nearby, you may attend any other combine and scores will be valid for your local region.  

February 12th Diamond Hill Paintball Park Harrisburg, Oregon
February 19th Red Dot Paintball Tri-Cities, Washington
February 26th Kohn Paintball Tampa, Florida
March   11th Dry Bones Paintball Hyndman, PA
March   18th Reno Indoor Paintball Reno, NV

Please notify your local regional director and coaches if you will be testing out of region.



The National Paintball League Announces its Inaugural Season

National competitive paintball returns to its local roots.

Paintball field owners across the country are proud to announce their participation
in this new league and Speedball format.  

Teams from throughout the country will compete locally,
earn their right to be one of elite teams that advance into the Finals,
and ultimately compete for a national championship.  

Play Local.  Win National.

National Paintball League




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